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Matcha Tea is the New Coffee for the your daily morning energy

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Drinking a cup of steaming hot coffee first thing in the morning is a daily delight enjoyed by millions of people all over the world.

But at Kenko Tea, we think they’re missing out…

Matcha tea is emerging as a very popular substitute for coffee drinkers looking to get their morning hit of caffeine in a different way.

And once they make the switch, we like to think they’ll never look back!

There are many good reasons to make the change from coffee to matcha, but here are our three favourites:

3 Reasons Matcha is a Brilliant Coffee Substitute

1. Matcha has a better caffeine kick

Let’s face it, whether it’s an espresso, a macchiato, a latte or a cold brew over ice, most people drink coffee for the buzz it brings!

But an unfortunate side of effect of drinking coffee is the jitters. You know, that hurried, stressed, shaky feeling you can get when you’ve had one too many cups of Joe.

Coffee has163 mg of caffeine in a 236ml serving, which is a lot. Caffeine in coffee can bring glucose spikes in the blood and create a ‘crash’ effect, leaving you feeling tired and strung out.

In sharp contrast, Matcha has around 70mg of caffeine per 236ml serving. That’s more than enough to bring you a nice caffeine buzz, but without the jitters.

Matcha is prized for the calm, steady sense of alertness it brings. Monks and scholars in Japan have used it for centuries to boost their concentration over the day and matcha’s caffeine hit can last for up to six hours!

This is because the caffeine binds with Matcha’s phytonutrients like L-Theanine, allowing the absorption of caffeine by your body to slow down, bringing a much steadier caffeine experience when compared to coffee.

2. Matcha is better for your body, mind and soul

Coffee is made up of two things – ground coffee beans and hot water.

Matcha is made from ground powder and water, but it’s also absolutely packed with good things for your body including antioxidants, catechins, flavonoids, and polyphenols like epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

They sound complicated, but their effect is neat – they can boost your health and make you feel good.

Green teas and matcha have been used for centuries to nurture good health, and matcha tea is one of the most refined and revered of these brews.

Matcha won’t stain your teeth as coffee does, won’t make your breath smell bad like a coffee can, and will nourish your body with long-lasting energy and antioxidants.

3. Matcha is easy to make

Unless you’re rocking some instant coffee, a cup of Joe can be time-consuming to make, sometimes requiring a lot of expensive gear to brew it just right.

But with matcha, all you need to do is mix the powder with hot water. That’s it. It’s ready to drink.

Of course, you can add hot frothy milk to make a latte, pour it over ice to make a frappe or scores of other tricks and techniques – check out Kenko Tea’s Matcha Green Tea Recipes here.

Matcha is the ultimate get up and go start to your day.

Just whisk in hot water and you’re ready to drink. No more standing in line at the coffee shop or fiddling with steam valves and grinder buttons!

Make the switch to matcha today

Loads of people can’t bear to face the day without first enjoying a cup of coffee to boost their energy levels and sharpen the mind.

But with matcha, you get a better energy boost over a longer period of time and sharper focus with no jitters.

Matcha is more than a substitute for coffee; it’s an upgrade!

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