At Kenko Tea we sell Japanese matcha green tea powder and matcha accessories, all curated by Sam, our founder and a former chef. Sam has a passion for premium matcha green tea and we believe he's sourced the world's best tasting matcha, with over 1000, 5 star reviews our customers seem to agree.

So how do we source the best matcha powder?

It all started with Sam sampling just about every grade of matcha he could find. Sadly, he wasn't impressed, so he spent months sampling different matcha suppliers from overseas searching for the perfect tasting matcha powder. After coming across some obsessive farmers in the Nisho region of Japan, he finally found what is now Kenko Tea matcha powder. Shade grown, hand picked, carefully graded green tea leaves that are dried and stone ground into matcha powder.

Available in Ceremonial Grade (perfect for drinking) and Culinary Grades (suitable for cooking), we supply to customers at home, retail and wholesale throughout the USA, Australia and the rest of the world.

To ensure optimum freshness we fly in new shipments every month. Give it a try, we hope you enjoy it!

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Organic Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea is superb. Delicate with earthy overtones. Be sure to follow directions for best results. Just Delicious.

It has not arrived???

Can I get a refund???

Love my Matcha

Really enjoy this matcha tea. Easy to make, and I like mine over ice with a nice squeeze of fresh lemon!

Have not received my order yet

Have not received my order yet


This matcha is sooo good, amazing taste and great texture!! i love it