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A latte is typically a drink we associate with coffee. However, you don’t have to stick with coffee. You can make a delicious latte using the Japanese roasted green tea, Hojicha.

What Is Hojicha?

This green tea is actually reddish brown in colour because the stems and leaves of the tea plant are roasted. It is the roasting that gives the tea its color and also gives it a nutty, toasted, caramel-like taste. The flavors of this roasted tea are perfect for brewing into a latte with steamed milk.

There’s caffeine in the drink because Hojicha is a green tea, but there’s less caffeine than in a regular green tea because Hojicha is roasted.

Powder, Loose Leaf Or Teabags

You can make your Hojicha latte using Hojicha powder, loose leaf Hojicha tea or Hojicha tea bags.

Authentic, Japanese-made, Hojicha Powder is ultrafine and crafted especially for creating a smooth tea latte with a perfectly balanced toasty and earthy flavor.

Some people swear by the loose leaf Hojicha tea. Others opt for the convenience of Hojicha tea bags.

Why not try all three options and see which one you prefer?

Key Points To Making The Perfect Hojicha Latte

Key Points To Making The Perfect Hojicha Latte

Filtered Water Is Preferable

Water temperature matters. Boiling water can leave you with a bitter tasting drink. It is advisable to use water that is 80°C (175°F) or lower. Some people say that the ideal temperature is 90°C (190°F).

Choose the milk you prefer. For the standard recipe, full fat milk is preferred. However, you can use oat milk, which works well with the roasted tea and froths adequately, or any milk you prefer.

Sweetener. If you opted for oat milk, you may not want sugar as oat milk is naturally sweet. White or brown sugar can work well. Of course, you don’t need to use sugar. You could choose another sweetener, such as maple syrup which won’t overshadow the flavor of the Hojicha. Alternatively, you can go without sweetener completely.

Use a whisk, electric frother or spoon according to your preference. The key thing is to whisk the Hojicha powder well, so the powder can be better incorporated with the milk.

Ingredients For Standard Hojicha Latte

  • 1 gram, or 1 teaspoon, Hojicha Powder, or 2 teaspoons of loose-leaf Hojicha tea or 1 Hojicha tea bag.
  • 3 tablespoons, or 60 ml, hot water.
  • 1 cup whole milk.
  • 1 teaspoon sugar (optional).

Ingredient measurements can be approximate and adjusted to taste.

Equipment For Standard Hojicha Latte

Method for Standard Hojicha Latte

Brew The Hojicha Tea

If you are using Hojicha powder:

  • Put the powder in a small bowl.
  • Pour in 3 tablespoons of hot water for a strong cup of Hojicha tea.
  • Whisk till the powder and water are fully mixed and there are no lumps of tea. Ensure the Hojicha powder is fully dissolved in the water.
  • Continue whisking till the tea is frothy with bubbles.

If you are using loose leaf Hojicha tea or teabag:

Add the hot water to the tea or to the teabag and brew a strong cup of tea.

Make The Hojicha Latte

  • Heat the milk to 150°F - 155°F (65°C - 68°C) in a microwave, on the stovetop, or with a milk steamer, such as what you find with a home espresso machine.
  • Measure the temperature with a thermometer. If you don't have a thermometer, the milk should be very hot to the touch, but should not burn you.
  • Add sugar if you want it to the milk and stir it in.
  • Use the frother to froth up the milk so that a foam forms on the top.
  • Pour the foamed milk into the Hojicha tea until the rim of your cup is brimming with foam.
  • Dust the top of the Hojicha latte with powdered Hojicha, or cinnamon to your taste.

There you have it! Your Hojicha latte. Yum Yum! Find a suitable spot to sip your Hojicha latte.

For A Stronger Or Weaker Standard Hojicha Latte

You can adjust the ratio of water to milk to your taste. The standard Hojicha latte is made with a ratio of 1:3 water to milk.

More water in the tea brewing stage will result in a stronger latte. Just be sure that when you are brewing the tea you whisk the Hojicha Powder with a minimal amount of water first, before adding any additional water to make it easier to dissolve.

More milk in the latte stage will make for a weaker Hojicha latte.

For A Creamier Hojicha Latte

For A Creamier Hojicha Latte

If you prefer to replicate the same thick and creamy latte that is served in tea and coffee shops, then keep the 1:3 water to milk ratio and simply add more Hojicha Powder.

If you want a creamier Hojicha latte, use a half - half mixture of milk and rich, frothy whipped cream.

To really get the full cream effect, use rich, frothy whipped cream instead of milk.

Recipe For A Sumptuously Creamy Hojicha Latte

Ingredients For A Sumptuously Creamy Hojicha Latte

Equipment For A Sumptuously Creamy Hojicha Latte

Method For A Sumptuously Creamy Hojicha Latte

Lightly whip the heavy cream, sugar, salt and vanilla extract. Whip using a handheld milk frother for about 10 seconds. Once it has thickened, stop whisking.

You don’t want stiff peaks. You want the consistency of a thickened cream that you can pour, but only slowly. If you do overwhip, add a little more of the heavy cream, one teaspoon at a time, and stir in using a spoon.

Pour cream froth into cup with tea.

The cream froth will sit on top of the tea for a bit.


If you love your lattes, why not give a Hojicha Tea Latte your full attention? You may find you fall for it!

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