3 Pack - Organic Matcha 30g Tin

Three pack of our Organic Premium Grade Matcha Tea 30g Tins. 

It's here at long last. After numerous requests for an organic matcha option, a long search and a lot of matcha sampling We now have an organic version of our Kenko Premium Grade Matcha. 

It wasn't something we took lightly, but after the long search we have now found a certified organic matcha proud to put the Kenko Tea name behind. From a small Nishio based farming Co-op, we offer a premium grade, USDA certified organic matcha tea.

With all the qualities of our Kenko Premium Matcha - including rich umami, electric green color, creamy finish and very light astringency. It whisks to produce a beautiful crema, and has a lingering finish.   

Kenko Organic Matcha Features: 

  • 100% USDA Certified Organic
  • Heavy Metal, Pesticide and Radiation Free
  • Raw
  • 100% Natural
  • Non GMO
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Gluten Free

Matcha Benefits:

    • Incredibly high antioxidant levels
    • Increased energy without the jittery feeling of caffeine
    • Natural metabolism booster
    • High levels of L-theanine to promote Alpha brain wave activity   
    • Can aid in reducing stress

    (How to prepare matcha tea) 

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    Healthy Choices
    Best matcha ever had
    Hi Yashmi, Thanks for sharing your review on our Kenko Tea! Enjoy your matcha! Cheers! - Geraldine
    Matcha Organic
    Thanks Jill! It's really amazing to tell our loved ones about matcha benefits :) As what I did with my mom and told her to just drink matcha and less coffee :) Glad you are satisfied with our Kenko Tea! Kind Regards, Geraldine
    Matcha Organic Tea
    Thanks Diane :) We are always so careful and keen on providing only the high quality matcha for all our consumer's satisfaction. Glad to hear that you are satisfied with our matcha product :) Cheers! - Geraldine
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    1993 reviews

    I haven't received it yet

    Tastes very good

    I liked it, strong but not bitter earthy flavor. Definitely will be a repeat purchase from me whenever I run out

    Organic Matcha Ceremonial Grade - 100g Bag (3.5oz)

    Lovely green color powder

    First matcha purchase!

    So far I have made tea cookies, raw nut/fruit balls, smoothies, and plain matcha with cashew milk and it's all good to me! Don't have much to compare it to but a chain coffee shop latte experience years ago. I learned the amazing benefits that make the cost of matcha well worth the price.