Matcha Tea - Premium Ceremonial Grade - 1.06oz Tin

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One month supply of Kenko's Premium Ceremonial Grade Japanese matcha green tea powder. The tea is an intense jade green powder with a delicate sweetness, grassy overtones and very light astringency. It is not bitter like low quality matcha. It whisks to produce a creamy froth and is ideal for daily consumption. Enjoy as a morning pick me up or afternoon treat. 

Produced in the Nishio region, this green tea is shade grown to increase L-theanine levels and enhance the natural sweetness. Can be enjoyed on it's own with hot water, or made into a hot matcha latte or green tea smoothie. Hot Summers day? Try an iced matcha over ice with a squeeze of lemon!

Matcha Benefits:

  • Can aid in reducing stress 
  • Natural Metabolism Booster
  • Increased energy for 5 - 6 hours without the caffeine jitters 
  • High levels of L-theanine to promote Alpha brain wave activity 

Kenko Matcha Features

  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan Friendly and Raw
  • Gluten Free and Dairy Free
  • Heavy Metal, Pesticide and Radiation Tested for Safety

30 grams (1.06oz) provides 30 servings. 99c/serving 

Makes a GREAT Coffee substitute - Much cheaper than the  daily latte fix  and much healthier. 

Comes packaged in an eco-friendly resealable tin that you can re-use.

Video: How to make matcha tea with bamboo whisk and chasaku. 

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