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Health Benefits of Matcha tea

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Did you know your daily cup of matcha is doing more than simply making your taste buds sing? There are a whole range of health benefits a morning cup of matcha can bring. The green drink can smooth your skin, increase your energy and even speed up your metabolism, helping with weight loss.

How is this possible? Let us explain matcha’s healthy side…

1. Helps you shed the kilos

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Matcha contains EGCG, an antioxidant linked to weight loss. EGCG has been known to increase your metabolism when combined with moderate-intensity exercise. What does this mean? Simply have a cup of match with breakfast and then hit the gym to see the kilos drop off.

The proof of these weight loss qualities is in the research – a study on matcha carried out in 2003 found EGCG increased the fat burning capabilities in bike riders by 17%. After consuming the equivalent of 1-2 cups of matcha, the EGCG helped them burn fat significantly faster when they got on the bike.

2. Improves your antioxidant levels

If you think green tea gives you a good dose of antioxidants, switch to matcha and see your antioxidant dose increase three times over!

Matcha has catechins inside it, an antioxidant linked to fighting diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

During green tea production, the leaves are soaked in water, meaning many of the catechins leak out of the tea. Matcha, however, is made directly from the tealeaf, meaning all the nutrients remain intact – including the catechins.

3. Gives you an energy kick

Matcha in the morning helps boost energy, focus, and cognitive performance


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Struggling to focus? A cup of matcha may be what you need. Our favourite drink is known for its energy boost without the caffeine crash.

Matcha is made up of compounds called flavanoids, which help you focus and keep you calm. The energy created from these compounds is released slowly into your body, which is vastly different from coffee dumping a load of caffeine into your blood stream all at once.

Coffee can make you feel jittery and nervous, whereas matcha has a healthier, slower and calming energy release that can last up to six hours. This is yet another reason to swap your cup of coffee for matcha in the mornings!

4. Makes your skin glow

Face mask used Kenko Matcha Powder for a beautiful and glowing skin


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Bad skin? Matcha helps reduce acne thanks to its chlorophyll make-up, detoxifying you of harmful toxins and repairing the cells used to protect your skin.

And if you’re starting to get a few wrinkles, simply sip matcha and reduce the effects of premature aging. Matcha’s chlorophyll has been known to protect the skin from UV rays and rejuvenate skin cells. No wonder the Japanese always look so youthful!

Matcha can also be used in other ways than simply as a tea. One of its more unusual uses is that you can mix matcha powder to create your own facemask for part of your home beauty regime.

5. Stops smelly breath

If you want to keep your mouth clean and your breath smelling heavenly, have a cup of matcha after you eat. The catechins work at sterilising your mouth of germs – the little pests causing disease and bad breath.

Matcha can also help to protect your tooth enamel, giving you healthier teeth and fewer fillings. So impress your dentist the next time you have an appointment and tell him or her that your secret is matcha.

Want to loose weight, get healthier and have more energy? Or perhaps you long for better skin and to improve your breath? Matcha has all these benefits and more. We think it’s time to put the kettle on…

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