How to Store Matcha

April 29, 2020 2 min read

What is the best way to store matcha?

Storing Matcha Green Tea?

Matcha can start to degrade over time and is very sensitive and fragile to the elements. For best results we recommend to keep your matcha dry, cool, out of direct sunlight and away from any strong odors. 

We recommend storing in the fridge or a cool dry cupboard, in airtight packaging. All our products come in either a resealable tin or bags that are airtight. If transferring your matcha make sure you use an airtight container such as a tea caddie with a sealable lid.

Some people do store matcha in the freezer although we have found it isn’t necessary, and the sudden change in temperature from freezing to room temperature can have negative effects on matcha’s freshness.

Below are our rules to keep our matcha tasting its absolute best.

Sunlight / Heat

Heat and humidity and sunlight can affect the lifespan of your matcha. We recommend storing matcha in a dark place, either a cabinet or the fridge, away from any heat sources.  

Airtight / Oxygen 

Catechins are an antioxidant found in matcha that are studied for their health benefits. When matcha comes in contact with oxygen, oxidation occurs, destroying catechin and other nutrients.  For this reason it’s important to keep your matcha in an airtight container.

Airtight Matcha Tin

Keep Matcha away from Odor / Smells

Matcha is absorbent to strong odors around it. Matcha may absorb the smell, reducing the quality of your matcha. We recommend using a ziplock bag if you must store matcha near foods with a strong odor. 


When storing matcha keep is dry and away from any liquids as this will reduce its quality.

How long does matcha last?

Matcha will start to lose some of its freshness once it’s opened for the first time. It is best to consume within 2-3 months, however it doesn’t go ‘off’ and can still be consumed after this amount of time. It may lose some of its freshness and vibrance over time. Our products come with a 18 months best before date from the time the are produced

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like very much

the matcha is a realy nice product. we us it almost daily. the order process is fine and deliver is issue would be your associatation with SHOP i do not like this company as well as other third party companys that want to save your credit info.


I needed to contact customer service. E-mail did not exist.


I saw you sell on Amazon for less money. I tried to contact you and the e-mail was invalid. I tried e-mailing for days and the response was always the same.....invalid e-mail. does not exist. The only contact number on your website was Australia. Then I see this matcha was shipped from an Amazon facility in Kentucky - but I did not get the Amazon price! ???. I tried to file a claim with my financial institution - what a headache. I can’t rate a product that has no customer service contact. So frustrating!

Bought organic & ceremonial

I have had better matcha expected a mind blowing yummy & mind focus matcha, not so much ⭐️one star only

Ceremonial grand and the organic .

I have had a sweeter more matcha flavor in other matcha so that just tells me not all matcha are equal I give it 2 stars. I really want to love it but not as good as PIQUE brand