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Matcha green tea helps your teeth and mouth healthy in 5 ways

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Does Your Dentist Hate Matcha?

Let’s face it. There’s nothing worse than waking up to bad breath… and then inflicting the smell on your partner.

So what if I told you that there’s a super easy way to make your breath fresher, your mouth more kissable and your dental hygiene free from nasty bacteria, saving you money on those pricey dental bills?

We’ve all heard of brushing, flossing and mouthwash to keep your mouth and teeth clean - but there’s another secret weapon you should be using.


You’ve heard over and over about the health benefits matcha is touted for; including and improving concentration, detoxifying your body, boosting your metabolism, slowing down aging and increasing fat loss

Matcha is also incredibly amazing for yourskin care routine. Check out our top 8 homemade matcha beauty products for more information on that!

But that’s not all… matcha also has amazing benefits for your mouth – and not just with its great taste!

5 Ways Matcha Cares for your Oral Health

1. Matcha Wipes Out Bacteria = Clean Mouth

Matcha has antibacterial activity that helps remove harmful bacteria in your mouth

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Matcha is exceedingly rich in catechins, EGCG, which is an excellent antioxidant with loads of health benefits.

Bacteria constantly grow in your mouth, fed by the sugar and starches that are in our diets. Most of this bacteria does us no harm, but sometimes it can cause problems and affect your oral health. These bacteria are the primary causes of teeth staining, bad breath and cavities.

With matcha’s antibacterial property, you can help suppress the growth of bad bacteria in your mouth. So drink up and keep your teeth and gums clean and fresh.

2. Matcha helps fight cavities

Matcha prevents cavities and tooth decay for a healthy teeth and pretty smile

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Catechins from matcha can alsolower your mouth acidity and protect you from tooth decay. Bacterial growth produces acid in your mouth, which can erode your teeth and lead to cavities.

Catechins helps matcha work its dental magic, saving us a lot of money on dental bills.

P/s: We love dentists and this isn’t a substitute for medical advice. Please seek a medical expert for more professional advice:).

3. Matcha improves your morning breath!

Drinking matcha reduces acid levels in your mouth which is the common cause of bad breath

The lowering of acid levels in our mouths can bring us better breath as well. A study in Japan shows that green tea’s catechins outperformed chewing gums, parsley seed oil and mints inreducing oral malodor with its effective deodorant and antibacterial properties.

With matcha, you can give your loved ones the sweetest smelling kisses. 

4. Matcha doesn’t stain your teeth

Matcha does not stain your teeth like coffee and black tea, leaves your teeth white and pristine

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Unlike black tea or coffee, matcha does not stain your teeth. It’s because matcha contains the high level of chlorophyll and catechins. It acts as natural detoxifiers preventing your teeth from staining.

Harmful bacteria cause staining in your mouth, but with the antibacterial property of matcha, your teeth can be protected from discoloration.

That’s yet another great reason to switch from coffee to matcha, right?

5. Matcha may reduce risks of oral cancer

Matcha is studied to have anti-cancer property. It is shown to treat oral cancer without harming healthy cells

Catechins from matcha are known for their potential anti-cancer activity. According to studies by scientists from Pennsylvania State University, matcha may help treat oral cancer cells,

The scientists found the natural antioxidant effect of matcha’s catechins could suppress cancer cells without harming the healthy cells while leaving no side effects.

It's yet another reason why matcha is awesome for your mouth and health!


With these amazing benefits for your teeth and breath, matcha is a great addition to your daily brushing and flossing routines.

So, what are you still waiting for? Drink up and enjoy the benefits.


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