Matcha in Melbourne - Interview with YOMG Frozen Yoghurt

October 02, 2015 2 min read

YOMG yogurt

Matcha in Melbourne

This is the second in the series of our “Matcha in Melbourne” interviews. Today we will have the amazing YOMG joining us. They serve up delicious Frozen Yoghurt all over Melbourne including their new Matcha Green Tea Froyo Flavor!

If you've ever asked your self where can I get matcha frozen yoghurt in Melbourne and love froyo then this interview is for you to check out!

YOMG matcha yogurt topped m&m

Q: Hello, please tell us more about who you are and your shop?

YOMG is a self-serve frozen yogurt store spreading good vibes and celebrating amazing ingredients in Mornington, Malvern, Mordialloc, Mentone, Glen Waverley and Cairns.

We take pride in in all things goodness and are passionate about quality and incredible taste. Full of active pro-biotics, live cultures and essential minerals, our yogurt is only the best! Teamed with the serve yourself experience of our selection of healthy and indulgent toppings, you have yourself a real treat that's good for your belly! 

We have recently added burgers, shakes, fries and wings to our concept store in Glen Waverley where again we focus on only the freshest and best ingredients. All made in store by our YOMG chefs, everything is made with love - it's all goodness here!

Q: How did you first hear about matcha, how long have you been using it?

Matcha has been the talk of the town for a while - with its incredible antioxidant content, metabolism boosting properties and mood enhancing properties. So we set off to do our research! Naturally, Kenko seemed the best company to work with being Aussie like us and sharing the same core values. We have had Matcha I store for 5 months.

Q: How are you using matcha on your menu?

We use Matcha 2 ways! We have created a Matcha Green Tea frozen yogurt flavor. Quality fro-yo make with fresh milk & yogurt with Matcha tea folded through for a creamy and punchy flavor! We also serve a Matcha green tea Yo My DELUX shake served cool with ice cream!

Q: What’s the most popular matcha item on the menu?

The Matcha Green Tea frozen yogurt flavor has definitely been a hit!

Q: Have you noticed increasing demand for it lately?

In our new store in particular it had been supremely popular! We have seen an increase in people knowing what it is and being excited to try the bright green dessert!

Q: Do you have a favorite matcha dish?

Our Matcha fro-yo with Original Greek yogurt style yogurt. Topped with freshly cut fruit, nuts and granola is a definite winner!

Q: Anything else you’d like to share about your shop?

All we can say is you have to come down and check it out for yourself. Come down and share our passion for great food, fresh ingredients and the fusion between nutritious and delicious


Want to try out this delicious matcha frozen yogurt in Melbourne? 
Check out YOMG!


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like very much

the matcha is a realy nice product. we us it almost daily. the order process is fine and deliver is issue would be your associatation with SHOP i do not like this company as well as other third party companys that want to save your credit info.

Organic Matcha Ceremonial Grade 1.06oz

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Excellent product

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Organic Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea is superb. Delicate with earthy overtones. Be sure to follow directions for best results. Just Delicious.

Love my Matcha

Really enjoy this matcha tea. Easy to make, and I like mine over ice with a nice squeeze of fresh lemon!