Matcha in Melbourne - Interview with Operator 25 Cafe

September 25, 2015 3 min read

Operator 25 sign - Melbourne Cafe

Matcha in Melbourne

Welcome to the first in a series of our "Matcha in Melbourne" interviews.
Each week we will profile a different Melbournian restaurant, or cafe that serves matcha tea on their menu.

Today we have the awesome Operator 25 Cafe, who have been serving up original matcha dishes for a few years now. 

If you've ever found yourself asking "where can I find a Matcha green tea latte in Melbourne?" then this interview's for you.

Hidden down quietWills Street, nestled between the Flagstaff Gardens and the busy Queen Victoria Markets, Operator 25 Cafe is one of the best cosy places for breakfast and coffee in Melbourne.

The cafe resides in a heritage-listed building whose rustic brick interior once housed Melbourne’s first telephone exchange company. These days the space is bright and playful with a modern design, creating a cool sense of new and old.

Operator25 inside

Operator 25’s specialty coffee is created by Code Black Coffee, one of Melbourne’s leading roasters, with a wide range of classic espresso-based varieties, alternative brews, or experimental coffee options, like mocktails and cocktails also available.

Operator 25’s menu serves breakfast, brunch and lunch all day long, between 7am to 4pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 4pm on Saturday and Sundays.

Their food is tasty and magical with a great combination of global accents from the diverse and international kitchen crew.

Operator 25 Cafe is also a great friend of Kenko Tea and today we’re talking to them about how they have successfully used our delicious matcha in their menu.


Q: Hello, Please introduce yourself and your cafe
Hi, we are the passionate team from Operator25 Cafe in Wills St, Melbourne

Q: Can you tell us about your cafe?
We are a brunch and speciality coffee cafe located in the Melbourne CBD.

Q. How did you first hear about matcha, how long have you been using it?
We've been using matcha for about 1 year now. Its always in our menu in a lot of different forms. Matcha hot cakes, matcha yoghurt, matcha latte, etc.

(Matcha Hotcakes from Operator 25 by Alex Tsang)

Matcha chia oats
(Matcha Chia Porridge with Matcha Yoghurt. Pic by @Allissya)

Q: How are you using matcha on your menu?

We use it in our drink 'Yuzu Matcha Latte' it's a concoction of yuzu syrup, matcha powder and white chocolate. We also incorporate matcha in our sweet breakfasts and newly introduced matcha crumpets!

yuzu matcha latte at Operator 25 Cafe Melbourne with Kenko tea
(Matcha Yuzu Green Tea Latte)

Q: What’s the most popular matcha item on the menu?

It used to be the matcha hot cakes from our Summer 2014 menu. But we are putting the matcha crumpets on our spring menu 2015, starting 29th sept 2015.

Dr.Marty's matcha crumpets with Kenko Tea

Q: Have you noticed increasing demand for Matcha Green tea in Melbourne lately?

I think there are more people getting familiar with matcha therefore the demand has increased.

Q: Do you have a favorite Matcha dish at Operator 25??

Yes! I think the matcha crumpet we have, which a collaboration between us and Dr Marty's crumpets is pretty amazing.

Matcha Dr. Marty Crumpets
(Matcha Crumpets by Operator 25 and Dr Marty's)


That ends our first Matcha in Melbourne interview. 

Check out more about Operator 25 Cafe here:


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