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Hojicha is a roasted green tea that roasts every part of the tea plant, to remove any bitterness. By roasting this plant, the caffeine contents of this tea are heavily reduced compared to other teas and coffee.

Hojicha is known for its nutty and roasted flavor. This is a popular roasted green tea that, once drunk, provides several health benefits. In this article, we will discuss the top 6 health benefits you can receive from drinking Hojicha tea.

Lower In Caffeine

You might be the kind of person who doesn’t enjoy caffeine or caffeine doesn't agree with them. Therefore, Hojicha is the perfect tea for you. This tea is roasted, so this reduces the amount of caffeine in the tea. There is still a little bit of caffeine in this tea, but a lot less than other green teas you can get your hands onto.

You’ll still get a boost of energy, but you won’t suffer from any feeling of anxiety or jittery feeling that can often occur with high caffeine drinks. As Hojicha tea is lower in caffeine, it can be enjoyed by the elderly and children. There is only 20 milligrams of caffeine per 100 grams.

Also, by being lower in caffeine, this tea can be drunk in the evenings as well and won’t affect your sleep. Therefore, if you love a cup of tea, but worry about the caffeine contents, then Hojicha is the ideal alternative for you to choose.

Relaxation Aid

The amino acid known as the L-theanine is found in Hojicha tea. This compound helps with the relaxing nature of the tea. Like a lot of other green teas, Hojicha can be drunk when you need some time to relax. It is able to relax you mentally and physically.

The aroma of this tea is very calming itself when drunk hot. However, L-theanine can soothe the symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress. This is why this tea is perfect to be drunk in the evenings, as it can help calm the mind and body, so you can have a relaxed and peaceful deep sleep.

Therefore, if you have had a bad day in general or a bad day at work in the office, this tea will be able to melt those troubles away.

Better To Sleep

Better To Sleep

As Hojicha has very low levels of caffeine, this means that this tea won’t affect the quality of your sleep. The less caffeine that you consume results in a better quality of sleep. You will even be able to fall asleep quicker as well.

Alongside this, Hojicha also contains the compound known as L-theanine. This amino acid helps reduce the feeling of stress and lower any anxiety. Thus, it has a very calming and relaxing nature. By drinking Hojicha at night, this can lower your heart rate, which keeps you calm and relaxed throughout the night.

As there is so little caffeine in this drink, it is suitable to drink at night or after a meal and will help you begin to relax into the evening. This will then allow you to sleep better.

Try Hojicha tea with warm milk, honey or sugar, and this creates the perfect bedtime drink. It will help lower your heart rate and let you relax for a peaceful and comfortable night's sleep.

Contains Antioxidants

In Hojicha tea, it contains more antioxidants than green or black tea. Therefore, it can protect you against free radicals in the body. Free radicals can build up in your cells and cause damage in the body, which could lead to risk of cancer or other diseases.

One study discovered that Hojicha tea contains antioxidants levels that are 15 to 30 times higher than levels found in green tea. Hojicha also contains 10 times the catechins that are found in black tea. While there is also 2 to 4 times theanine concentration.

The catechins help regulate your cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Which then lowers the risk of strokes, inflammation of any major arteries and any cardiovascular diseases. There are a range of vitamins that can be found within Hojicha tea. Vitamin E can be found within Hojicha tea, which helps prevent blood clots in the body.

The catechins found in Hojicha tea also boosts our bodies' metabolism, which then helps weight loss. Your metabolism is boosted, which then results in more body calories being used, so more fat is burnt.

There are also high amounts of vitamin C contained in Hojicha, which can help your skin look clear and young. The vitamin C in the teas works to lighten dark spots that appear on your skin due to age or acne scars. This also helps prevent wrinkles and restores the elasticity of the skin, which is lost over time.

Found in all green teas, including Hojicha tea, is the antioxidant known as EGCG. This helps in protecting your teeth, by preventing bad breath and cavities. While also, polyphenols found in green tea helps reduce the appearance of gingivitis. Which then reduces the chances of gum disease from developing.

These same polyphenols can also help those who suffer from pain and aches caused by arthritis. Consequently, the tea decreases the inflammation in the joints. This then also prevents any further damage to those joints being caused.

Immune System Benefits

Hojicha tea contains L-theanine, which not only has a calming effect, yet it helps to boost your immune system. Just drinking the tea alone won’t prevent you from getting ill from common colds or viruses. However, it has been discovered that drinking Hojicha tea will help your immune system to function better when it is invaded by an unknown pathogen.

The amino acid, L-theanine, is an anti-inflammatory agent that reduces swelling in your body. As a result, when our body reacts to viruses, colds or infections, there is an inflammatory effect, but the tea helps slow this process down.

Hence, by drinking this tea, you might not feel better, but it will help you recover a little bit faster. This is due to the L-theanine slowing down the inflammation process that is occurring in our bodies. Also, the polyphenols that are contained within green tea, have antiviral properties.

This means that this element helps in killing unwanted bacteria that is found within our bodies. Which, as a result, helps us to recover from the illness quicker.

Alongside this, Hojicha also contains vitamins A, C, and E. All of these vitamins are said to help your body to fight against the common cold and regulate the immune system. Recent studies believe that drinking Hojicha can lower your risk of cancer, by blocking carcinogens and preventing cancer cell growth.

Hojicha tea is great to drink to keep a healthy digestive system. There are lots of healthy fibers that can be found in Hojicha tea compared to other teas. Thus, Hojicha can keep your colon and digestive system healthy too.

Suitable For Sensitive Stomachs

Most green teas are only steamed after they have been harvested. However, Hojicha tea leaves go through another process, where they are roasted in small batches at very high temperatures.

The high temperature is so that the leaves will retain their beautiful deep green color and scent. This process does not affect the health benefits of the leaves. The roasting creates a roasted and nutty taste and aroma.

This roasting process allows for any bitterness to be roasted away and decreases the caffeine content of the tea. For some people, caffeine can upset their stomachs, therefore, Hojicha is the perfect tea that won’t upset them.

As mentioned above, Hojicha tea helps your digestive system by keeping it healthy. Although, if you are suffering from an upset stomach or have chronic digestive issues, then Hojicha tea can help soothe your stomach.

If you are sensitive to caffeine or suffer from stomach upset, then Hojicha is a suitable alternative. It not only gives you an energy boost, but you don’t experience any side effects like jitters or anxiety that are commonly experienced by drinking caffeine.


Hojicha tea can provide you with many benefits. It is slowly becoming a much more popular health drink, due to all the benefits it provides you with. We have given you the top 6 health benefits that Hojicha tea provides you with.

Hojicha tea is naturally lower in caffeine, due to the roasting process the leaves go through. However, due to the lower amount of caffeine present, this means this tea can help relax you and give you a better night’s sleep more easily. This tea is typically drunk in the evenings, as it helps calm your mind and body down, ready for the night.

Not only is it calming, but it is amazing for your body. It is full of vitamins that help protect you and your body from illnesses, viruses, infections and diseases. Due to all of these benefits, it can not be surprising that more and more people are turning to this drink. This is a healthier alternative to highly caffeinated teas and coffee.

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